For Sale 1989 NA Manual Aus Spec (Parts Car)

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    Location: Inner Sydney, NSW
    Year: 1989
    Body (2+0/2+2): 2+2
    Colour: Red/Burgundy
    Engine (Turbo/NA): NA
    Transmission (MT/AT): Manual
    Interior (Cloth/Leather): Cloth
    Odometer: 226xxx on body, 56xxx on internals (since rebuild)
    Price: $4000
    Rego: Unregistered
    Contact Details: PM here

    The car here has being my my daily driver for many years now, but put up for sale as a Parts / Donor car.

    It's a pretty unique situation as the car runs fine, and the reason it's off the road now is because due to a minor accident 8 years ago, the front chassis (before the engine bay and suspension geometry) bent inwards a little which caused the front-bar to visually not sitting properly. It's been mostly fine over the years, but as pink slips gets stricter I at a point where I am not able to get it registered anymore due to this issue.

    So rather than having dodgy internals with nice body; this car is the reverse and has a heart of gold with rebuilt internals, new suspension, bushing, seals and pipes to keep it running over the years. The exterior looks super dodgy as I haven't sorted it out over the years due to time and cost (spent it all on internals).

    Right now I just don't have time and space to slowly part all the good stuff out, so I am looking for someone who has time; or preferably give the internals a new life somewhere else (maybe in another Z).

    Engine rebuilt + Manual conversion 9 years ago (~56,000 kms since rebuild)
    * Bottom end by Brett at St Marys Engine Services
    * Top end and Manual Conversion done by yours truly
    * Tune done by Mark at MRC

    Engine Parts (done during rebuild):
    * New OEM belts
    * New OEM O rings and seals
    * New OEM Engine Gaskets
    * New OEM parts related to 120K service
    * New Ring Set - Piston Z32 (87mm) Standard
    * New OEM knock sensor
    * CZP Silicone Water hoses
    * ARP Head/Main Bolt Kit Z32
    * ARP Rod Bolt Kit Z32
    * Ebay 3 core alumininum radiator
    * Everything else was reused and/or resurfaced

    Other Engine things:
    * Nistune Type 2 board in ECU
    * ECUTalk
    * Plenum water line deletes
    * EGR system removed
    * Penrite HRP 30 all it's life (swapped every 5k)
    * New fluids all round (including the diff)

    Manual Conversion:
    * New OEM shifter link assembly + Dust Boots
    * New OEM manual parts (clutch bolts, seals, speed sensor (MT NA)
    * CZP Solid Shifter Bushings
    * CZP Stainless Full Length Clutch Line
    * Inland Empire 1 Piece Heavy Duty Drive Shaft - NA MT 2+2 Z32
    * OEM Master and slave clutch cylinders (from wreck)
    * Manual gearbox (rebuilt, from wreck)

    Suspension and Bushings:
    * BC BR Type RA Coilover 8kg/6kg (F/R)
    * CZP Adjustable Front Stabilizer Links
    * Stillen Front and Rear Sway Bars
    * Energy Suspension Steering Rack Bushers
    * Urethane bushers (diff, subframe)

    * Z32 rear brake calipers with RDA slotted rotors
    * R34 front brake calipers with RDA slotted rotors
    * StopTech Street Performance Brake Pads (front and back)

    * Bride Seat Bracket 300ZX (Reclinable) driver Side
    * Recaro reclinable seat driver side

    * Heater core is a goner, I've since bypassed it
    * Electrical gremlins here and there due to oxidised connections (probably from just sitting there)
    * Gearbox missing the reverse gear light switch
    * Bent front chassis as mentioned above
    * Driver side quarter panel dented badly cause someone on my street didn't know how to reverse

    These are all the things I can find in invoices that I still have, email trails or off the top of my head. Other things not named here were probably replaced normally over the years due to wear and tear.

    Parked permanently in an underground car park within my building. I idle and move the car around monthly to keep things lubricated.

    If you need further info or want to know more about the car, please PM me and I will try reply quick.

    PS. Might be obvious, but I just want to also note that although it moves, you will probably need a tow truck, trailer or something to transport it.


    01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg 05.jpg 06.jpg 07.jpg 08.jpg 09.jpg
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    As I understand it, this car started life as an auto then became a manual? Do you this have the auto box? Do you still have the car? Is the car in a rebuildable condition if chassis parts various were replaced?


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    Hi Roland,

    Yes, the car indeed started life as an auto. Unfortunately it was a while ago and the auto box ended up at the wreckers when we did a garage clean back then.

    The car is still available and open to offers (currently listed for 3k on gumtree), and the car is indeed in a rebuildable condition. It should only require the following:
    - Braces from the bar (before the radiator) to the front straightened back out
    - Replacement front-bar (since the current one is in pretty bad state)
    - Replacement front-bumper foam

    Additionally, the engine was recently compression tested 1-2 months back:
    Cyl 1 - 170 ; Cyl 2 - 165 ; Cyl 3 - 165 ; Cyl 4 - 170 ; Cyl 5 - 170 ; Cyl 6 - 175
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    Should probably note that the price has dropped to $2500

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