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    Hi again everyone, friendly reminder that the correct way to send a 'PM' to another member, is to 'start a conversation' with them
  6. scottyoz1962
    scottyoz1962 Stef
    Hey Stef, maybe you can give myself and Niall some ideas or knowledge on how to get too the fuel flap mechanism, it appears it is electronic, but neither of us know how too access it as my switch is dead and i need to replace so i can fuel up and open the flap without prying it open with a screw driver. Cheers Steve .
  7. YellaZed
    YellaZed EJC
    G'day EJC: If you are still parting out the 2+0 I'm after the cargo tray thing that sits between the rear shock towers if you have it.

    Cheers, Wal F
  8. DinoZ
    DinoZ rob260
    1. rob260
      No worries have done
      Jan 22, 2019
  9. youron300
    Worlds fastest RB powerd ZX
  10. ZX32
    ZX32 IB
    Hi Ian

    I hope this is the correct Ian. I used to be a member of the owner's association and we both worked at Veteran's Affairs.
    Anyway I sold my Z to my sister and the Z has some power "surging" issues and A/C issues and wondered if you and John still had any diagnostic equipment that might be able to help while she's here for a week or so.
    Cheers, Matt Grocott (ZX32 - 1990 N/A 2+2)
  11. mark
    mark SWH80
    Hi mate, did you end up selling the Joni shocks
  12. mark
    mark East Coast Z
    No worries mate, did you end up selling the door trims
  13. mtopxsecret6
    Hi every one! I just wanted to get on this list!
  14. mark
    mark East Coast Z
    Hi mate, just wondering if you would take eighty bucks for the titanium key your selling, thanks Mark
    1. East Coast Z
      East Coast Z
      Thanks for the offer Mark.
      I'll have to pass.
      Nov 2, 2018
  15. Fish1984
    Fish1984 OZX_320
    Hi mate.
    I noticed a few years ago you posted on a thread requesting a wiring diagram for dynamco 4xr-5 immobilizer.

    Ive got some issues with my unit and want to bypass it but i cant identify which wires i need to cross over.

    Really appreciate it if you had any information you could pass on

    UNIQUE ZED zed280zx
    Hi can I order one of these with plugs and pig tails. Send to Unique Auto Sports
  17. Martin Williams
    Martin Williams rob260
    Its Martin, Hi Rob Do you have any of the following or know where to get them from?

    Round and square front window cowl clips
    Front wing inner guard shield clips
    Front spoiler bumper clips
    Drivers door lock connector (yellow plastic piece that often breaks)

    Many thanks
    1. rob260
      Oct 7, 2018
  18. lockmi
    lockmi Central QLD Z
    Hey Buddy

    Saw your post on the PHATT part out.

    I have a spare cargo blind in reasonable condition, and Targa Top blinds.


  19. MagicMike
    FYI members, if you click on another members name, you can 'start a (private) conversation' with them.
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  20. EvZ
    EvZ Jinxed
    Howdy. I'll buy the rotors if still available. Have they gone rusty or still good?