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    Came across a code for nissan wiper blades from wipertech.


    Search for 300zx in the model finder, select front pair or front and rear set, add to cart.

    Then enter code: nissanwipers

    Front pair: $25 delivered (usually $59)

    Front and Rear set: $35 delivered (usually $79)

    *I have no idea how long the code will be valid for

    Front wiper sales blurb:

    Flat wiper blades are fast becoming the standard fit on new vehicles due to their exceptional performance in all weather conditions. A tensioned metal strip within Wipertech’s Aeroflex structure distributes uniform pressure along the entire length of the blade, which improves the rubber blade’s contact with the windscreen, giving a clear and quiet wipe. The precision cut, natural rubber blade with our specially formulated graphite and Teflon coating ensures a clean, consistent wipe that removes even the smallest droplets of water.

    The superior design and aerodynamic shape of our Aeroflex wiper blades means less obstruction to the driver’s field of vision and a reduction in wind noise and blade lift-off at high driving speeds – features that ensure optimum driver comfort and safety.

    As opposed to traditional, universal metal frame wiper blades, Aeroflex wiper blades feature a single-piece, frameless construction with no moving parts or exposed metal components. This eliminates the possibility of corrosion and improves durability.

    An upgrade from traditional metal wiper blades to Wipertech Aeroflex wiper blades means superior wiping performance, safety and comfort every time you drive.
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