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  1. r33k
    I reek of Englishness
  2. Malcochevy
    Malcochevy Chrispy
    Thanks Chris, I have sent you some photos but loading so slow tonight I will try to send 6 more soon
  3. Malcochevy
    Malcochevy Chrispy
    Cont:- and the older fellow who had a few Race Cars atthe top of Samford "Bill" ?? I think
    My mobile 0421179356 if you like to call. NO doubt you have move on from the V8 Nissan transplant Thanks Mal
  4. Malcochevy
    Malcochevy Chrispy
    Hi Chris, I am from Everton Hills and now want to sell my Z32 1989 TT Auto with 128,000km on clock, I have only used it 10K in 12 years ???? Do you know any one interested at all. Would $7500 be too much to ask or do you know anyone who may know." Rollin" was a mechanic I spoke to years ago from Redcliffe but he hasn't had activity here since 2018 ??? My Mob 0421179356
    1. Chrispy
      I've sent you a PM :)
      Jul 2, 2020
  5. Ant zxtt
    Ant zxtt
    Hello everyone I'm new to site, I have 1990 300zx tt auto shed find. It needs control arm bush, sway bar bushes, speedo not working
  6. Martin Williams
    Martin Williams Chev28
    Hi Adam I have a spoiler brake light in great condition no cracks or scrapes, $20 plus post say $10. $30 total Cheers Martin
  7. Martin Williams
    Martin Williams OldZedFan
    Sorry been offline a couple of days. I can do post for $15, making it a total of $40. Please transfer money to Martin Williams. Bank ANZ. BSB 014 - 203. Account No 3903 - 20009. Please send me your postal address, I will post as soon as monies arrive. Thanks.
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    2. OldZedFan
      Thanks Martin. I have Transferred the money to your account.
      My Address is Roger Donoghoe, 42 Armidale Street, Abermain, NSW 2326.
      Cheers. Roger.
      May 29, 2020
  8. EvZ
    Hey, not sure if this message is going to you Chili. You still driving (owning) a Zed? I'm still in there, just bought some stock rims to replace the 18"s to get her rego-ed again. 21 years now. Sorry, I'm feeling sad for myself. Best wishes anyhow.
  9. Martin Williams
    Martin Williams Neil Sayers
    I have some sets of cams. I will check out today. What are you after TT Manual or Auto. Cheers Martin
  10. Inferno
    If there are people in the area that would like to help strip down a car to bones hit me up, or if you need to use a hoist i have one :D
  11. Martin Williams
    Martin Williams Roland S. Inman
    Hi Roland, I have a few Z31 bits here in Brisbane. pm me if you are interested. Cheers Martin
  12. ltownsgrimreaper
    ltownsgrimreaper Mr.Zed
    Do you still have the tommy karia cluster if so contact me
  13. harty
    harty rob260
    Hi Rob, Please check your emails re the pivoting FUCA’s and get back to me. Cheers order #5157
  14. Martin Williams
    Martin Williams Byzance
    Got one here in Brisbane. Will send photo
  15. dbgtst
    has anybody done any major body modifications to a 300zx z32
  16. interro
    interro Adz_79
    Hey bud

    Is the SAW kit still available
  17. ewschinzel
    ewschinzel rob260
    Hi you said u have two corner lights...I like to buy them..How do we do this?
    1. rob260
      I’ll send you a PM
      Oct 11, 2019
  18. PittoZ
    3 VG's deep, soon to be RB'd
  19. Axenjackson
    I rolled my 91 300 zx. I need doors bonnet etc. Etc.
  20. Axenjackson
    I rolled my 91 300 zx I need doors bonnet etc. Etc.